eCommerce Game-Changer
R & D Platform Business Model

A new way of the marketplace technology for the household
mass-market fueled by the attention economy

R & D Platform Business Model

Decentralized marketplace fueled by the attention economy

  •  eCommerce Household Unit Marketplace Grid 
  • venture develops an entrepreneurial infrastructure platform to empower the household mass-market into a new socio-economic role. The eCommerce platform entitles the household to transform into the eCommerce Household Unit ‘eHU’ entity. Enterprising the eCommerce market grid of eHU next-gen enterprises that each consumes and produces. The eHUMG platform encompasses the eHU enterprises’ buyers and sellers of consumer & industrial goods and services marketplace. The unveiling a decentralized marketplace underlying the retail, wholesale, manufacture, and service industries on one platform. 
  •  The platform ecosystem provides a framework for the eHU entity to set up the household family unit or small business entity fulfillment center and neighborhood delivery service. The marketplace is business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, and consumer-to-consumer focused. Creating a new market wherein the eHU enterprise can use the eHUMG platform’s marketplace technological infrastructure and the 
  • goods inventory’s funding system.  The eHU it becomes co-marketplace, fulfillment center, advertiser, marketer, and the seller of its own produced product and provided service. Furthermore, the eHU qualifies to act as a co-seller when providing storage, and delivery service for the product produced out of the state, province, or country.  
  • The platform participants will utilize the algorithms’ innovative role (patent prospect) formulating a fundamental change in the search, marketing, monetizing, and revenue model. The platform’s disruptive technology eliminates typical search, a keyword to type in a search query, and click on the product or service category. The revenue model is not monetizing a commission from the marketplace participant transactions. The platform managed decentralized and crowdsource advertising returns earnings back to the consumer. 
  • Airbnb, the lodging company, owns no real estate –
  • Alibaba, the retailer, has no inventory-
  • Facebook, the social media, creates no content-
  • Uber, the taxi company, owns no vehicle-
  • The eCommerce company operating platform, owns no inventory nor fulfillment center, isn’t the third party integrated into buyer and seller transaction. 
  •  2021/22 The will seek the qualified partners to manage and operate the states and the provinces eCommerce platform in the US, Canada, and across other parts of the world. The pilot-test are Florida and New York state, Ontario province, Canada, and San Francisco Bay Silicon Valley markets. The eCommerce pilot-test platforms are available for other states, provinces, and Australia, NZ, EU, Middle East, Asia, and Afric major cities
  • 2023, the eHUMG platforms will partner with the driverless TaaS vehicle fleet of delivery and subscription ride service. 
  • eHUMG– We are looking for the project’ co-founders that may it encompass the management role. To build and cultivate the new business model  of the eCommerce platform household mass-market sided marketplace. Designed in the states and provinces eCommerce platforms. Furthermore,  expanding the platform grid to the Africa, Asia, Australia, NZ,  Europe, Middle East included the major cities.