eCommerce Future

Reinventing a decentralized household mass-market marketplace
technology graph fueled by the attention economy
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Reinvented eCommerce Platform

A disruptive marketplace technology grid for
the new eCommerce household mass-market
fueled by the attention economy-

Reinvented eCommerce Platform

A disruptive marketplace technology grid for
the new eCommerce household mass-market fueled by the attention economy-

eCommerce Household Unit Marketplace Graph
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  • is a privately-owned R & D tech venture developing an entrepreneurial infrastructure platform to empower the household mass-market into a new socio-economic role. The eHUMG  platform offers a proprietary solution to reinvent the eCommerce technology mega grid for the collective household mass market. The next-Gen eHU the enterprise’s revenue venues that each consumes, produces and transacts. The eHUMG platform manifests the eCommerce marketplace technology grid for the state, province, and major city markets. The eHUMG platform technology aims to transform online retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, professional services, and local small business service into direct to consumer (D2C) space. Connecting the eHU enterprises of buyers and sellers of the consumer & industrial goods and services on one platform. The platform encompasses 2 protocols; (i) DeFi funding pools, supplier & borrower, consumer lending, each party is the protocol itself, written as a set of smart contracts. (ii) NFT cryptographic non–fungible token, digital asset. 
  • The platform eco-system provides a framework for the eHU entity to set up the household family-operated or small business entity’s fulfillment center, including neighborhood foot and bike delivery service. The eHUMG marketplace technology aims to transform the standardized B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C markets, into direct-to-consumer (D2C) space. Direct-to-consumer business model within digital commerce traded by the designers,  physical goods producers, digital asset providers, manufacturers, and service providers become DTC brand. Creating a new market wherein the eHU (individual consumer or business enterprise) can utilize the platform marketplace technology infrastructure included DeFi in the fulfillment center inventory’s funding. The eHU enterprise becomes a marketplace, home-based fulfillment center, delivery, concierge, courier, advertiser, marketer, and seller of its own product and service. Furthermore, by providing the inventory storage, the eHU fulfillment center can market and trade any product or service committing delivery within the 24h.
  • The platform participant  can utilize the platform’s marketplace technology infrastructure, including DeFi in the fulfillment center inventory’s f will utilize the algorithms’ innovative role (patent prospect) formulating a fundamental change in the search, marketing, monetizing, and revenue model. The eHUMG marketplace decentralized advertising, and outsource advertising will contribute to the explosion of ‘influencers commerce, and the rise of the new eCommerce decentralized branding market. The platform search technology eliminates typical search including a keyword to type in a search query and select product category. The revenue model is not monetizing a commission from the marketplace participant transactions. The venture decentralized advertising and crowdsource advertising platforms build on the attention economy format will bypass advertisers benefiting consumer directly, particular more influential.
  • Airbnb, the lodging company, owns no real estate –
  • Alibaba, the retailer, has no inventory-
  • Facebook, the social media, creates no content-
  • Uber, the taxi company, owns no vehicle-
  • The eCommerce company operating the eHUMG platform has no inventory nor owns a fulfillment center, isn’t the third party integrated into buyer and seller transactions. 
  •  2021/22 Strategic partner license- The will seek the qualified partners to manage and operate the states and the provinces’ eCommerce platform in the US, Canada, and other parts of the world. The pilot-tests are markets of  the Florida and New York states, San Francisco Bay & Silicon Valley, Ontario, CA  province, The Dubai website a temporarily off.
  • We are looking for an advisory board, and consultants to build and cultivate the new business model of the eCommerce transformation of the state, the province, and the major city of Africa, Asia, Australia, NZ, Europe and Middle East. 
  • 2021/23 The eHUMG platforms will partner with the driverless TaaS vehicle fleet and subscription ride service.